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Erik is the guy that stands behind the products he produces. He has a vested interest in the support and success of LE/MIL. The holsters are not built for flash or your next "Instagram" picture. They are functional, durable, comfortable and purpose built. I have been in corrections/law enforcement since 1998 and have never had a holster that is as functional or practical as what Erik produces. I have been carrying his concealment holsters religiously for over a year and couldn't be happier with how they perform. 
Chancey P.
LEO/Firearms Trainer


I have carried a Kydex holster made by Erik for 4 months now.  I am a Special Agent for the Texas Department of Public Safety.   My uniform varies but I am normally in plain cloths.  I carry the Kydex holster apendix carry and my weapon is not printed with a variety of different weather clothing.  I am amazed by the fact that my weapon simply feels like it is not there, but is very easily  accessible when needed.  I recently was deployed to the Texas/Mexcio border for Operation Secure Texas.  This drive was completed (800 miles) with my weapon in apendix carry.  This is unheard of with prior holsters I have used.  
Over all the holsters are simple well thought through and they work!!   Great product!!  
B Dollar
Texas Special Agent 


This is a very good holster for what I use it for, which is plainclothes, concealed, on-duty appendix carry.  I've been wearing this holster daily for about 3-4 months and have not encountered any significant issues.
Bottom line: It is good kit and I would recommend it.
In detail; I usually wear lightweight, silk or polyester camp shirts at work. Holster is thin enough to significantly reduce the printing of a G19 carried appendix IWB, yet sturdy enough to hold it's shape and allow for easy reholstering. It does collapse slightly after a draw, but the rounded edges of the G19 slide allow it to easily slide back into the holster without getting hung up on the edges of the kydex. The clip is strong enough to hold it in place on my rigger belt throughout the day and not require adjustment even if I have to run. It is also quick and easy to remove it from my belt.
I have not encountered any wear issues yet such as breaking the kydex around any of the metal hardware. I have not used it for repetitious presentation practice, so I cannot comment on it's durability in that context. So far, it's good kit and I would recommend it for use within the parameters above.
Chris M.
Active, Police Special Operations Detective


The holster that Erik makes for concealed carry is truly my favorite to use for everyday carry. The thinness of the kydex allows me to wear the holster on a draw string waist of sweat pants to blue jeans to dress pants. The clip, which is not unique to Erik's design but is the only clip he uses, allows me to go with or without a belt and it has NEVER failed to keep the holster in the waist band. I train with these kydex holsters each time I go to the range and have had one holster for 8 months that shows zero signs of failure. The thin kydex does crush down but not enough to keep the muzzle out. The holster opens up easily when the pistol is inserted. This is a holster that I would recommend to everyone that wears a gun in the waist band and is looking for a holster that retains the pistol, a clip that does not fail and the ability to easily re-holster. This holster by Erik is the holster that is definitely my everyday carry holster.
Bryan M.
Retired Army Special Operations


Realizing that there is no such thing as a "perfect" holster for all occasions; Erik's design checks the boxes on all my important criteria, weapon retention, holster retention (holster to belt/waistband), comfort, and durability. After any new pistol purchase my next call is to Erik to complete my ensemble.
Gerald Holt
Retired Ranger and Special Forces Medic


I have used dozens of knives for skinning and butchering animals. None of them come close to the quality knife I have from Old Style Designs. Erik is a true artisan and can create the perfect blade suitable for one’s needs based on preferences and usage. Not only are his knives functional, but easy on the eyes as well. It’s a rare thing for an artist to be able to combine beauty and practical utility.
Jason P.


Best concealed carry holster I have used. It's light, thin, comfortable to wear. Firearm fits snuggly in the holster. The belt clip fits tightly. Easy to draw from. 
Chris B. aka Chris B.,  cause I'm not cool enough to have an alias